Appeal and Tax Disputes

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‘’A number of avenues including Appeal and Tax Disputes are open to you if you disagree with a tax decision made by HMRC. You have three options at your disposal and our knowledgeable accountants will help you choose the most appropriate course of action.’’

Appeal and Tax Disputes

Appeal and Tax Disputes | Call us for tax appeals and disputes with HMRC

Tax Appeals and Tax Disputes are not easy to handle and may take time for resolution. The first point of contact is HMRC directly and see if tax assessment can be revised or dispute can be resolved without going to Tax tribunal. Once HMRC informs of their initial decision and  If we still disagree with the decision,  we advise you of three options according to the nature of tax decision or dispute naming; Alternative Dispute Resolution, a Statutory Review or a Tax Tribunal.

 Appeals and Tax Disputes | Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process was…

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 Appeals and Tax Disputes | Statutory Review

Statutory Review

A Statutory Review is the logical next step once you have appealed against a tax decision made by…

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 Appeals and Tax Disputes | Tax Tribunal

Tax Tribunal

Official statistics show that the rate of tax tribunal hearings has increased…

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 Appeals and Tax Disputes | Adjudicator and Ombudsman

The Adjudicator and Ombudsman

HMRC and the Valuation Office (VOA) do not always get…

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