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Remittance Basis


In simple terms, it is an alternative method of taxation available to those who are resident, but not domiciled, in the United Kingdom. UK residents are normally subject to tax on all of their income and capital gains but the rules for non-domiciled residents (also known as ‘non-doms’) are different. They can opt to pay tax on the basis of their income from foreign sources and capital gains by using the figures remitted to the UK as an alternative to being taxed on the totals arising. All UK income is subject to normal taxation. A person is usually domiciled in the country where their permanent residence is. The ‘domicile of origin’ is acquired at birth, taken traditionally from the father. This can be usurped by the ‘domicile of choice’, however, it is possible to reside in the UK for a long period of time, dependent on individual circumstances, without acquiring a domicile of choice in the United Kingdom. 


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Our tax accountants have extensive experience in personal tax. From very simple self employment tax return to complex personal tax planning, you can call our accountants to discuss your circumstances.

No you may not need an accountant to file your self assessment tax returns. But its always advisable to consult specialist tax accountant, so you are not loosing any tax relief on claimable expenses.

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HMRC have a self explanatory guidance to setup personal tax account. This account will help you to know about your taxes and income for each year. For more information please visit HMRC website.

When it comes to personal tax, as resident in UK, a taxpayer is obliged to pay tax on worldwide income. If you do not live in UK and you have taxable income in UK, you must file tax return to HMRC.

As self employed person you will file your self assessment tax return to HMRC every year. You must total your takings and less business expenses. If you need help with something which you are not sure, you can call our accountants to help you out. For general guidance please visit HMRC website.

If you have made a mistake and want to amend your tax returns, you must get in touch with HMRC and explain to them the nature of mistake or omission. 

It is always dependent on nature of mistake. If the amendment will result in correction of tax liability, then you must file an amended tax return. If you have omitted income and want to correct your records, you would need to file a disclosure.


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