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In the United Kingdom, Capital Gains Tax from the sale of residential properties is calculated differently from many other Capital Gains Taxes. For these sales, you are taxed 20% – 28% of the income gained from the sale of the property. These taxes do not apply to your home but apply when you sell buy-to-let properties, business premises, land, and inherited property. Essentially, these taxes apply when you sell any property that is not your home. If the property is a business asset, you may be eligible for tax relief, so ensure to seek advice from our professional tax accountant. If you’re a non-resident of the UK, you have 30 days to report the sale to HMRC and pay CGT or face interest charges and other penalties once the property is sold. Even if you calculate that you have no tax to pay, you must report this conveyance. The tax rate is the same as for residents of the UK.

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Yes, you can, It is always dependent on if you have accounted for reasonable allowances, expenses and reliefs available. Every case is different, and you must talk to us before paying CGT.

You cannot avoid paying capital gains tax on an inherited property if you have made a gain by selling the asset. There may not be any CGT due, or it may be very little. Talk to us for CGT calculations.

If you have to pay CGT on the sale of investment property or asset when you are a resident and do not file self-assessment, it must be done within 30 days of sale. There are different rules for non-residents. Contact us for more information.

HMRC have given a CGT calculator and explained what deductions are available. You can visit HMRC Capital gains Tax Calculator and check what tax is due to be paid. If you need help with adjustments or are not familiar with tax guidelines, you should call us for advice.

You can defer capital gains tax liability by reinvesting in qualified assets. The terms are absolute, and if reinvestment conditions are broken, deferred gains will fall back, and tax become due immediately.

If you have made a mistake and want to amend your tax returns, you must get in touch with HMRC and explain to them the nature of mistake or omission. 

It is always dependent on nature of mistake. If the amendment will result in correction of tax liability, then you must file an amended tax return. If you have omitted taxable gains and want to correct your records, you would need to file a disclosure. 

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