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Living in Birmingham and looking for a Tax Specialist to handle your affairs? We are a team of experienced Tax Accountant Birmingham with over 10 years of experience in the tax niche. We specialise in a number of areas and are passionate about helping individuals reduce the stress of dealing with HMRC. Our team of professional Tax Accountant Birmingham offer no obligation advice on all tax matters, and are available online, on telephone or in office. We conduct most of our business online, so you are not required to visit our offices either. We are qualified Tax Accountants in Birmingham, with strong knowledge of tax law and compliance. Our relationship as tax agent help to file your tax returns and do compliance swiftly. Our team is experienced with handling any kind of tax investigations, and with our good reputation among HMRC we are able to gain a quick resolution to these otherwise difficult situations.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Tax Accountant is  specialist tax consultancy brand and our members are qualified accountants who are skilled and trained in tax planning. Along with normal accountancy services, payroll, VAT compliance, you will get extra advice and planning for your business.

No its not necessary to visit our offices. You can choose to call your local tax accountant or our head office. We can arrange online meeting on zoom or on telephone.

Yes we do take online inquiries and no matter where you are based, our accountants are committed to provide you best services for your business and tax compliance.

You can email us or call us. We will try to accommodate you to the nearest tax accountant to your location. If your inquiry is of specialist nature, our specialist tax accountant can travel to your city to meet you subject to terms and conditions. 

It is dependent on nature of work and how long will it take to complete the job. With ongoing work for clients who signup for longer term, normally a monthly or yearly agreement is drawn for payment. 

No tax accountant is no more than expensive then normal accountant. You can shop around your local accountants and you will find our accountants reasonable and with best knowledge. 

If you want to appoint tax accountant as your accountant, you just need is to email us or call us. You can also submit the form and make arrangement for online meeting. Once we have received your instruction we will write to your previous accountant for transfer of documents and information.

If your current accountant is not responding, call our office and we will discuss your circumstances. Most of the time, if accountants have closed their practices, we are able to help clients and retrieve the information from HMRC and companies house. 


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Absolutely Free Advice

Don’t pay for the advice. We do not charge our client for advice. 

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You will get instant reply to your emails and we will follow up a call to your request.

Understanding Needs

Our tax accountants understand your business and have industry knowledge

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We will take care of everything and you will not miss your filing deadlines

Industry Award Winning Software

We use award winning industry software and benefit our clients

What our clients say

Tax on Employment Incentive and Award Schemes

Financial rewards will include bonuses, commission, employee stock options and paid time off. Non-financial incentives will include flexible working hours, formal recognition/awards, vouchers, extra unpaid leave, gifts, company cars, training opportunities and further education opportunities.

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SDLT and First Time Buyers

First-time buyers are able to benefit from Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) relief when they buy their first home – but only if the property that they are buying does not cost more than £500,000.

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