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Tax accountant is a specialist tax consultancy. Our accountants have industry experience and are equipped with knowledge and skills to deal with HMRC investigations. Our network associates are former HMRC Inspectors and know the process thoroughly. You may be subject to a tax inquiry just for not filling your tax returns or a mistake or omission which resulted in a material loss of revenue. We have represented clients who have not been given sound and legal advice by other accountants. For what ever reason, if you receive a HMRC tax investigation letter, call our specialist team and we will discuss it with you and make an appointment with the relevant specialist accountant. 

Always remember we are local but national. Our accountants are member of network and work like a family. Help is always handy and thanks to our proactive approach and resources which have been given to our specialist team, they have always an updated knowledge of taxes and market. 


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If HMRC have open an inquiry in your tax affairs they will write to you. You should not give any details over phone or email or text message if you receive any, regarding an income tax inquiry. 

In normal circumstances, HMRC will open an inquiry into a particular tax year. They will check a year before. If they find any discrepancies, they can open an investigation to six years. In particular cases where HMRC have an evidence of tax evasion, they can go back to 21 years. 

It depends on the type of investigation. If HMRC is investigating business, they can check VAT, PAYE and Income Tax irregularities. If you are issued with a COP9 Letter, it will involve everything where HMRC believes is loss of revenue to exchequer. 

Though you can represent yourself in an inquiry and can detail HMRC about irregularities. But HMRC will need proof of what you have said. A specialist tax accountant will help you in arranging the proof and calculating true tax liability. 

Answer to this question is yes. You are the best person to tell, if the unpaid tax is an omission, mistake or was avoided deliberately. Your cooperation will effect level of penalty which HMRC will impose after tax liability is calculated.

When it comes to tax investigations, its a long process. Some investigations may take more than a year to get resolved. Normally accountants will charge an hourly rate, but you can call us to discuss fixed fee option.

Yes, our accountants have wealth of experience making disclosures to HMRC and negotiating penalties on behalf of clients. You can call us to discuss your personal circumstances. 

Normally, our job is done once we have calculated true tax liability and agreed figures with HMRC. After signing of adoption report, its HMRC discretion to discuss payment plan depending on clients’s circumstances. We do provide our input as after care when ever needed. 


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