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We are proud to be one of the leading tax accounting firms in the United Kingdom, serving self-employed taxpayers nationwide. Please send us an email for a quick quote for Self Employment Tax Return.

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Approximately 5 million self-employed people are earning a living all over the UK. In other words, about 17% of the whole British working human population. It certainly is a giant count and one set to keep increasing. According to, over 2.5 million British people wish to start their own personal small business. Precisely that’s the reasons people choose self-employment. By becoming self-employed, you can discover a level of work satisfaction you never thought possible.  

Many people thrive with their newfound independence and are massively successful. Self Employment Tax can be a stressful concept for those without experience. Going self-employed means you are left to fend for yourself financially. Or are you? Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you have to cope with the burdens of Self Employment Tax, bookkeeping and other accountancy tasks alone. Accountants for freelancers are available to support your goals and lift some of that weight from your shoulders.

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Setting up as a sole trader or a self employed business and registering with HMRC is done online through government portal. You will require to enter personal information and prove your identity. Once done, HMRC will issue you with a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number by post.

You must register as self-employed at the very first opportunity as soon as you start working and match the conditions of a sole trader. However, if there is a delay then there is a fixed deadline. You must by law register by 5th October of tax year.

Even though the keywords ‘self-employed’ and ‘sole trader’ are frequently used correspondently, generally there is a unique difference in definition. To identify somebody as self-employed is to refer to their employment status, whereas to define anyone as a sole trader means to portray an individual by their business structure.

Yes certainly we can. You just need to call our office and book an appointment with one of our tax accountants. Who will explain to you the rights and duties of being self employed and quote you for our services. 

If you have just started self-employment and have a business idea, talk to us and let us advise you on your business and how to take it forward. Self Employment may not be the perfect solution for your business.

No tax accountant is not more expensive then a normal accountant. We have specialist knowledge and experience to minimise your tax bills.

There is not much difference in the costs. Most of tax accountants will charge for advice and tax planning. Whereas accounting will be the same for every business. The difference is to include tax planning in accounts. 

If you are no longer self employed, you would need to inform HMRC and fill in a form specisified for this purpose. You can reach this form here.  STOP BEING SELF EMPLOYED

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