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Our tax accountants provide bespoke advice for VAT Registration, VAT Returns and VAT Compliance, helping small business make informed decisions about their VAT Liability.

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If you are establishing your startup or already have a well established small business, we can advise if you need to enrol for VAT Returns. As Tax Accountants, we will continue to observe your circumstances so that if VAT Registration becomes mandatory, we can deal with all of the documentation for you. On the other hand, we will keep track of your factors and get in touch with you if we are convinced you are suitable and would benefit from de-registering from VAT. 

We can get ready your VAT Returns using your accounting reports, or we can handle both the bookkeeping and the VAT return for you. At the same time, we will make every attempt to check that you claim the maximum amount of VAT possible, especially on debatable items such as mixed-use expenses and motor operating costs. Naturally, late VAT registration, mistakes, late VAT Returns, and late VAT Payments can all lead to penalty charges and very likely interest. Because of this, trusting us with your VAT registration, VAt Returns, VAT Refunds, and VAT deadlines not only provides a secure feeling but also facilitate you to avoid throwing away your hard-earned money on charges and interest.

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As a small business, you must register for VAT within 30 days if the total VAT taxable turnover for the last 12 months is more than £85,000. The time limit of 30 days starts from the end of the month when your sales have passed the threshold. You can also apply for Voluntary VAT Registration if it’s needed for the business.

Honestly speaking, it is not about the benefit, but it is about compliance and follow HMRC guidelines. If your business is under the threshold, you are not required to register VAT. You will not charge your customers VAT, and you will be unable to reclaim any VAT you have paid for your business goods. You can only reclaim VAT if you are registered, but you will also pay VAT on your sales.

It is dependent on your sector and the type of business you are in. Standard VAT Registration is straightforward, you can register for a flat rate scheme, and there are guidelines to follow. Specialist Margin Scheme and rules for some specialist sectors like car dealers, construction and jewellery are very complicated.

As a business, you can claim back VAT on any goods or services you have bought in the course of business. You can not reclaim VAT back for a business if you are not Registered. However, if you are an overseas visitor and have bought goods for personal use or gifts, you can apply for a VAT refund at the airport when leaving the UK.

Yes, you can claim back VAT on business costs subject to rules. Vat on capital goods like equipment can be claimed within four years before the date of VAT registration. VAT on services can be claimed within six months of registration. You should have well-defined documents, such as VAT invoices, and contain the total amount of VAT you are claiming back in your first VAT Returns.

HMRC has published guidance for VAT, and there are notices for each scheme. This guidance will help you to understand how VAT works and how you need to do your VAT Returns. But if you are looking for specialist advice, you may need to call our VAT accountants.

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