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We are specialist tax accountants for limited companies. It does not matter if your limited company is small or medium; contact our accountants for limited company for a quick quote. 

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Operating a profitable limited company generally entails a degree of responsibility and obligation. Although you certainly will get the opportunity to be your own boss, you are likely also to be responsible for dealing with your clientele, advertising your business and, potentially most important of all, managing your own finances. This will make choosing the top-rated limited company accountant a critically fundamental decision.

Regarding choosing the most appropriate accountant for a limited company, Tax Accountant is here to help. It is usual for individuals running their personal, limited company to experience stress, with a wide range of frequently changing tax rules and guidelines. Sometimes, it can feel unworkable to get that work-life balance you have been planning on, although being your own boss. However, the best part about our Tax Accountant for limited company is here to reduce the burden.

Our professional and expert team of limited company accountants provide specialized financial advice and assistance to all individuals, general contractors and freelancers working through a limited company. Whether you are new to the business, switching accountants or simply changing the way your business functions, Tax Accountant team continues to be with you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our charges range from £25 to £100 plus VAT for a limited company. It will depend on your requirements. We can also come to an arrangement where the cost of formation is included in a monthly payment if you sign up with us.

All businesses in the United Kingdom are required to keep books of accounts. As a limited company director, you should maintain a proper record of income and expenses. You can subscribe to bookkeeping apps and keep digital records.

We advise clients to do their bookkeeping and recommend bookkeeping software. Nowadays, because of digital transformation, you can maintain books easily. We will download data and check it with the records and produce accounts at the year-end. Our charges for a limited company account will depend on the quantum of work. Call us to discuss the proposal.

The answer is yes; you can produce your limited company accounts and file them to HMRC and companies house. If you have bookkeeping software that can produce trial balance and know about accounting and tax, it would be easy to produce financial accounts. You can also submit to companies house and HMRC through your bookkeeping software or transfer them to software that has the capability. You will also need your registration details with HMRC and the company authentication code.


We are online accountants. Most of our clients contact us through our website, and we file their limited company accounts. We can meet you online by Zoom, Skype or even whats app. You can call our accountants for limited companies for a quick quote.

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